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Sekond Nature
Status: Active
State: Florida
Website: http://myspace.com/sekondnaturefl Open a new window for this website.
Description: Originally from Port Washington New York, Juan and Freddy previously played together in the hard rock band 'Graphic.' The two have played in New York City's finest venues, such as CBGB's, Limelight, Elbow Room, Continental, and many more. The duo has reunited after a two-year hiatus, which saw both members experiment in solo projects. Their voices and creativity combine to generate beautiful harmonies and deeply lyrical tunes. SeKond Nature is a two man Dynamic Acoustic Original Rock group, with very melody driven and very catchy original music, it has been described as "pop". They have a strong Latin influence thanks to Juan Pablo's Argentine family roots, and a few songs are bilingual. SeKond Natures music has been compared to a cross between the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, U2, and the Counting Crows. The music's fresh, unique sound speaks for itself, helped by the two members' great stage presence led by their lead singer Juan Pablo. SeKond Nature have been playing since May 2005, live and loud as a cover/original band around the South Florida area. They also have their backup band which they play all their original material with. Sekond Nature's Full band is: Justin from 'Mindspin' on bass and Kenny Curbelo from West Palm on drums. SeKond Nature are playing weekly and have played the venues listed below. The Full band is also playing out as well.
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Top5 Position: not recorded
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